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Alveolen - physically crosslinked, closed cell polyolefin foams, produced in continuous sheets, horizontally foamed with two process skins.

Density range*: 25 - 250 kg/m³
Thickness range*: 3 - 12 mm  
Width range*:  1300 - 2500 mm  

*depending on type/grade

Main characteristics of Alveolen

  • thickness range between 3 and 12 mm (single layer). Multi layer up to 40 mm
  • excellent physical properties
  • can be supplied with flame retardant characteristics (in accordance with German DIN 4102 - B1and B2, Automotive FMVSS 302)
  • choice of softness according to type and grade
  • regular, closed-cell structure
  • excellent thermoplastic properties, in particular thermo and pressforming characteristics
  • wide working temperature range
  • excellent thermal insulation characteristics
  • very good impact sound insulation properties
  • low water absorption values
  • very low water vapour permeability
  • good weatherability
  • inertness to most chemicals
  • no odour
  • ecologically and chemically neutral
  • safe disposal by recycling, dumping or incineration

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