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Our Products

Sekisui Alveo offers a broad range of high-quality foams from a single source. Our range very likely includes an ideal foam for the application you are working on right now and if it doesn't, we will be glad to develop a new product to perfectly match your requirements.

Alveolit and Alveolen are closed-cell, physically crosslinked polyolefin foams produced in continuous sheets with two process skins. Alveocel are extruded, closed cell polyolefin foams, produced in continuous sheets, horizontally foamed with two identical process skins. Alveolux is a closed-cell, chemically crosslinked polyolefin foam produced in blocks. Alveosoft is a semi-open-cell foam with extreme softness. Alveobloc is a thick, laminated product useful in transport applications. Alveosport is an innovative technical layer used in top-performance artificial turf systems.



Our foams are suitable for:


  • thermoforming
  • vacuumforming
  • pressmoulding
  • thermal lamination
  • welding (thermo, ultrasonic, high frequency)
  • buttwelding
  • surface coating
  • embossing
  • low pressure injection moulding (LPM)
  • die cutting/cutting
  • skiving
  • perforation
  • adhesive bonding (glueing)
  • surface treatment
  • painting
  • printing

The right foam