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Sekisui Alveo high quality polyolefin foams have been used successfully in structures above and below the ground for more than 25 years. New construction techniques, the increasing trend for fast applications, safe and cost effective solutions, as well as the need for environmentally friendly materials call for special semi-finished and finished foams. Sekisui Alveo foams are the ideal choice and can replace more traditional foams, such as EPDM, EPS, PU and PVC.

The main functions of the Sekisui Alveo foams in construction applications are: thermal insulation, sealing against water, air, dust, impact/vibration attenuation, and dynamic pressure absorption. The applications are numerous, for example: air duct insulation, window glazing tapes, tunnel insulation, tube insulation, parquet or laminate floor underlay and filler blocks. We are in a position to actively participate in application developments in collaboration with our customers, why not contact us?