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Adhesive Coating

Sekisui Alveo high quality polyolefin foams are well established as carrier materials for speciality tapes. Due to their flexibility and conformability, tapes made of Sekisui Alveo foams are ideal for uneven surfaces and contours. These features cannot be achieved by using filmic, paper, or textile carriers.

Specific product types of Sekisui Alveo foams start as thin as 200 µm and are designed to meet the requirements of the construction, shoe, flexographic, automotive, do-it-yourself, industrial, communication devices, and medical industries.

Our individual customer support consists of a high level of R&D activities and application development tools, as well as a close collaboration with our customers to find solutions for the current and evolving tape markets.

For additional information, please contact your local Sekisui Alveo area office or the Adhesive Coating team at the Sekisui Alveo head office in Luzern.