World’s most advanced electric taxi with PE foam air ducts

Sekisui Alveo presents the latest application of its product Alveolen NL LV. This specially formulated foam is being used by automotive component supplier Linecross in the UK to make air ducts for the LEVC TX, the new range extended electric taxi.


The TX is the iconic black cab of London. The latest model is an advanced electrically driven vehicle equipped with a petrol range extender. Capable of transporting up to six passengers with the highest possible levels of comfort, it’s designed mainly for use in cities and therefore needs an efficient and lightweight climate control system. A sophisticated system of air ducts is required in order to distribute climatized air to key points throughout the vehicle to ensure passenger comfort.


New orthopaedic & insole foam

Sekisui Alveo has just introduced a new product with unique touch and feel properties. Being very soft, and with high resilience and long-term elasticity, Alveolux XRE cushions and holds its shape very well – and this, in combination with its good hygienic and anti-slip properties, makes the new foam a first choice for applications in the orthopaedic and shoe industries.


Although the new foam performs like rubber, it is entirely different. Advantages in processing and softer cushioning open a much wider range of application opportunities. Because Alveolux XRE has a very fine closed-cell structure, skived surfaces are neat and clean. The material can be formed several times, e.g. to adapt to the specific anatomical shape. Rubber and PU cannot be reworked in this way.


A softer touch for automobile interiors with Alveolit TP SE

Sekisui Alveo has introduced a new grade of ultra-soft foam: Alveolit TP SE. The manufacturer of high-quality crosslinked polyolefin foams has significantly improved upon its first-generation product to create this PP foam which is ideal for automotive interior applications. Alveolit TP SE is the company’s softest foam for interior components, fully in line with the current trend towards very soft and luxurious interior trim surfaces and materials that enhance the brand value of the automobile.


New second-generation soft PP foam
Officially launched late in 2016, Alveolit TP SE is the second-generation soft PP foam made by Sekisui Alveo. The material is more than 30% softer than its predecessor, the well-known Alveolit TP EE. Alveolit TP SE is specially engineered for interior trim applications such as dashboards, armrests, door panels and door roll uppers.

Combining softness with thermal resistance
Interior trim applications require high thermal stability – 120°C and higher for dashboards – which limits the material choice to PP-based materials. The problem is, these are usually not very soft. With Alveolit TP SE, Sekisui Alveo has managed to combine the superior thermal properties of PP foam with the softness associated with PE foam, creating the ideal foam for all interior applications. The foam possesses excellent thermal stability across the entire temperature range from -40°C to 130°C.


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World's softest polyolefin foam now UL listed

Sekisui Alveo has further expanded its product range of flame-retardant foams: With Alveosoft SA CMU 005, the manufacturer of polyolefin foams now offers its unique Alveosoft crosslinked polyolefin foam in a grade that is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified. That’s good news for OEMs that require UL listing of the plastic components and materials like sealing gaskets they use in their electronical devices, white goods and industrial components.


Highest horizontal flame-resistance rating
Sekisui Alveo offers its well-known Alveosoft foam in a wide range of types and grades in order to cover a broad variety of different applications and requirements. The latest addition to the portfolio is Alveosoft SA CMU 005, which is UL certified for flame resistance. In horizontal burning tests for foams, test samples with a minimum thickness of 5 mm passed with the highest rating (HF-1). The material is now listed in the UL 94 certification directory. Many OEMs require UL listing of the plastic components they use in their products in order to ensure fire safety.

First-choice sealing material
Alveosoft is the world’s softest polyolefin foam and is well known as a unique solution in the market. Its excellent air sealing characteristics at low clamping forces far outperform those of PUR and PVC foams. That’s a key reason the material has become the first choice for many sealing applications and as an acoustic or thermal insulation solution.


New foam types for lightweight vacuum-formed automobile components

Sekisui Alveo has further expanded its product range: With Alveolen NLC LV & NLT LV, the manufacturer of polyolefin foams now offers two new foam types designed specifically for vacuum-forming parts. The new Alveolen NLC LV 1404.5 and NLT LV 1404 foams are ideal for vacuum forming automobile components like air ducts, cold air covers, headliner ducts, and seat belt covers.


Both products have been proven in serial production in the car industry; Alveolen NLC LV is used for making air ducts for the Tesla Model X electric vehicle – the world’s most innovative SUV.


Evalen portfolio expanded

Sekisui Alveo has recently expanded its Evalen product line. The new products are Evalen Light and Evalen Extra. Evalen combines the advantages of EVA batch foam and Alveolen roll foams.

Evalen foams are an alternative to batch-foam-based materials in continuous production processes. The advantages are zero defects (perfect surface with no pinholes), no butt welding lines, and totally homogenous material performance. The new soft-touch foams with a non-shining surface are press formable, do not contain plasticizers, and feature low water absorption.

Evalen foams are especially suited for continuous conversion processes where scrap reduction, constant quality, optical and haptic requirements, and high overall performance are important.


New wide foam portfolio

Sekisui Alveo has recently invested in new extrusion, crosslinking, and foaming oven equipment, and is now pushing the width limits to a new standard for vertically foamed polyolefin foams. The most common PP foam grades for the automotive industry used to be available at widths up to 2.0 meters. For productivity reasons, the current trend in all markets is toward wider semi-finished roll products.


Sekisui Alveo can now offer its product portfolio of vertically foamed, physically crosslinked PP and PE foams at widths up to 2.5 metres, on request, and depending on thickness and density.



Alveosport - Horizontal drainage system makes Alveosport elastic shock pad even more effective

Sekisui Alveo is expanding its portfolio and is now offering its elastic shock pad Alveosport also with increased drainage capacity. With Alveosport “Horizontal Drainage” (HD) water can be carried off even faster. The technical layer thereby significantly supports faster drying and can be used in rainy regions.


Alveoflooring - Marketing concepts for retailers and do-it-yourself stores

For over 25 years, Sekisui Alveo has been producing various underlays for parquet, LVT, and laminate floors – underlays with outstanding technical properties. The manufacturer of polyolefin foams has now developed a marketing concept under the new umbrella brand name “AlveoFlooring” that will support sales through both retail and DIY channels.


Rigid foam boards with great potential for weight reduction in the automotive and packaging industries

Sekisui Alveo further expands its product range: With Alveocel LP F, the manufacturer of polyolefin foams now also offers rigid foam boards, which will be used mainly in the automotive branch and in the packaging industry. This version of the closed-cell PP foam is produced at a density of 200 to 600 kilogrammes per cubic metre. The rigid foam boards, from one to five millimetres thick, are 50 to 70 percent lighter than e.g. injection-moulded solid plastics used in comparable applications. Thus, the rigid foam is interesting as a lightweight solution for various industries.


Alveocel used as acoustic solution in new sports car

Sekisui Alveo recently helped an OEM find an efficient acoustic solution for the floor pan of a new sports car - just a few weeks before production of the car was scheduled to start. The flat absorber made of Alveocel PP foam provides excellent noise-absorption properties.