These high-quality polyolefin foams are ideal carriers for adhesive coatings. With outstanding properties, they are perfect for applications in the areas of construction, footwear, DIY and electronics, as well as of automotive, industrial and medical applications.



Sekisui Alveo polyolefin foams are ideal for use in the automotive industry. In numerous applications, they save weight, improve comfort , contribute to passenger safety and protect interior and exterior surfaces during production.



The construction sector requires safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective products. Polyolefin foams from Sekisui Alveo are the ideal choice. We provide durable semi-finished and finished products, as well as tailor-made solutions for numerous areas of application.



Sekisui Alveo foams also widely used in the field of industrial and consumer goods. Our durable polyolefin products lead the way  when it comes to compliance, haptics,  aesthetics – and are  an interesting  alternative to many other types of foam.



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