Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible company, Sekisui Alveo considers environmental and social aspects, in addition to economic objectives, in its day-to-day business. We strive to create value not only by providing excellent products and services, but also by committing ourselves to environmental protection and people’s safety.


In the area of CSR, Sekisui Alveo pursues four strategic aims:


1. Developing and optimising environmentally friendly products

2. Further reducing the negative environmental effects of business activities

3. Promoting urban biodiversity, reducing CO2 emissions, protecting water resources

4. Supporting a corporate culture in which environmental awareness plays an important role


Sekisui Alveo is aware of its responsibility towards the environment both during the development of its products and in all of its manufacturing processes. For a foam producer, of course, it is not possible to manufacture a product without affecting the environment. We therefore constantly review alternative environmentally friendly processes. Furthermore, we work with an environmental management system that is certified according to ISO 14001. In the inspections carried out annually by external certification bodies, our companies explain their environmental strategies and the measures taken in this regard. 

Employees and safety

Employees are any company’s most valuable asset. The satisfaction, safety and health of all employees at Sekisui Alveo are therefore our top priority – and not just in theory. Our safety guidelines and systems go beyond the statutory requirements. For example, our management system is certified according to OHSAS 18001, which denotes especially safe working processes.