Industrial and Consumer Goods

Both our customers and end consumers in the field of industrial and consumer goods expect high-quality and reliable solutions that also provide durability. Other key requirements are improved comfort, low weight and visual enhancement. The high-quality polyolefin foams from Sekisui Alveo are therefore the ideal choice for many applications in the field of industrial and consumer goods and offer an attractive alternative to many other traditional materials.

They boast consistent quality across multiple batches and large quantities, satisfy even complex requirements with regard to compliance, and exhibit above-average durability. Sekisui Alveo foams also lead the way in the areas of aesthetics and haptics (uniform cell structure, layer structure, and density distribution across the entire product thickness, strong colour intensities, etc.). We would be delighted to take the time to convince you of the quality of our products.

Properties and benefits

- Increased comfort
- Damping and pressure distribution
- Thermal insulation
- Weight reduction
- Pleasant haptics
- Optimum aesthetics in a variety of colours
- Non-toxic, skin-friendly, sweat-resistant
- Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
- Does not rot

Markus Wild

Area Manager Sales Manager Construction, Industrial and Consumer Goods, Automotive, Adhesive Coating
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Special-purpose and reusable packaging

Liner material for cap seals

Footwear industry and orthopaedic applications

General foam conversion


Seals made of

Alveolit and Alveocel


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Alveobloc standard types


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Alveocel LP F - rigid PP foams


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Conductive and

dissipative PO foams


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