The high-quality polyolefin foams from Sekisui Alveo have been successfully used in applications in the construction industry for more than 40 years. New construction techniques, short development times and the increasing demand for safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly foam solutions call for special semi-finished and finished products. Sekisui Alveo foams are the ideal choice and can replace conventional materials such as EPDM, EPS, PUR and PVC.

Our products are used in numerous areas of application: thermal insulation for air-conditioning ducts, window sealing tapes, tunnel insulation, tube insulation, parquet flooring underlay, underlay for design and vinyl flooring, fillers for railway tracks, shock pads for artificial turf (Alveosport).


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Properties and benefits

- Thermal and sound insulation
- Sealing out water, air and dust
- Impact protection, vibration damping
- Dynamic pressure absorption

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Laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring underlay

Shock pad for artificial turf (Alveosport)

Tube insulation

Air duct insulation

Underlay for floating floors

Tram/railway tracks

Filler block

Separation joint

Tunnel insulation

Thermal insulation

Insulation of corrugated iron roofs

Sill seal


The future

of construction


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Alveosport - The innovative

shock pad for artificial turf


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