Sekisui Alveo polyolefin foams are ideal for use in the automotive industry. The soft, light and flexible Sekisui Alveo polyolefin foams increase passenger comfort considerably and protect high-quality surfaces during sophisticated manufacturing processes. Sekisui Alveo polyolefin foams provide sealing against dust, water and moisture in many areas of the vehicle. Formed into box absorbers or

used as an insulating material, they reduce driving noise and improve the vehicle’s acoustics. Used as an air duct, they deliver comforting warmth or cooling freshness to the desired location – and, as body protection panels, they protect the car from damage during assembly. Do you have other applications in mind? We will be delighted to collaborate on developing your product.

Properties and benefits

- Soft, light and flexible foam with

   pleasant haptics
- Increases comfort and safety
- Outstanding insulating and

   protection material
- Product manufactured in factories

   certified according to

   ISO/TS 16949 (quality

   management system in the

   automotive industry)

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Back shelf

Door panel

Arm rest

Seat bolster /

Seat reinforcing

Instrument panel

Trunk trim

Water shield

Air duct

Wheel house cover

Protection during assembly




High quality foams

for the automotive industry


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Alveocel LP F - rigid PP foams


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Polyolefin foams

for acoustic applications


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Polyolefin foams

for air ducts


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Polyolefin foams

for sealing and insulation


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