Adhesive Coating

The high-quality polyolefin foams from Sekisui Alveo have proven themselves to be excellent carrier materials for specialty adhesive tapes. Thanks to their flexibility and conformability, adhesive tapes made from Sekisui Alveo foams are ideal for uneven surfaces and contours. These properties cannot be achieved in adhesive tapes with film, paper or textile carriers. Special Sekisui Alveo foam types are available at thicknesses of 160 μm and above.

They are tailored to the requirements of the fields of construction, footwear, flexo printing, DIY and electronics, as well as to automotive, industrial and medical applications. Special surface treatments can also be applied to allow customers to achieve an optimum adhesive coating. In addition to the broad range of standard products, we also offer customer-specific developments.

Properties and benefits

- Adhesive-friendly foam
- Very narrow thickness tolerances
- Excellent conformability
- High skin peel strength

Markus Wild

Area Manager Sales Manager Construction, Industrial and Consumer Goods, Automotive, Adhesive Coating
+41 41 228 92 22

Partition wall tape

Window seal

Glazing tape

Body side mouldings

Emblem fixation

Wing mirror mounting

Solar panel

Grilling pad for spectacle lenses

Mirror mounting

Hook mounting

Glass protection pads

Touch screen sealing

Sealing of LCDs

Nail covers

Carry handles

Carry handles


ECG electrodes


High quality foams

for speciality tapes


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Foams for

carry handles


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Foams for

automotive tapes


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Foams for

do-it-yourself applications


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Foams for

photovoltaic panels


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Foams for

protection pads


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Foams for

health care applications


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